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2018 - 03 - 09
Environmental protection is a major issue facing the domestic cable industry  In recent years, discussions on environmentally friendly cables or green cables have been heated. In fact, for today, environmental protection is no longer a technology, but will become a basic requirement. This is not only the cable industry. When any industry selects materials or products, the first requirement is green products, otherwise the project cannot be used, and even if it uses such non-environmentally friendly materials or products, it is difficult to pass the country. The relevant department's i...
2018 - 03 - 08
In the next four years, the cable industry will be "double happiness"In recent years, with the rise of raw materials, fierce competition, and the intrusion of external cable giants, it has brought heavy pressure to China's wire and cable industry. Last year, due to internal and external factors such as the international financial crisis and the slowdown in China's GDP growth, China's wire and cable industry was also suffering from a general shortage of operating capacity and overcapacity. Therefore, in the next few years, China's wire and cable industry will be a fish...
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