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After many years of development, E-government in Nanning has built four platforms (government networks, security support, basic software, and government portals) and five centers (application services, information exchange, government data, process management, certifications). The "451" technology system consisting of a set of resource catalogs forms an intensive and low-cost development model with the "four-unified" management system, GNSP network management, and GASP application models as the main contents. The application of online decision services, collaborative office, government affairs disclosure, public participation, and investment promotion has achieved good results.


With the development of e-government in Nanning, the e-government construction in Nanning also has insufficient attention to the development and utilization of information resources, insufficient development efforts, low level of digitization and networking of information resources, and development and utilization of information resources in the market. The degree of industrialization is low. Due to the decentralization of information resources, resources are owned by the departments or units, and the resistance to resource integration and sharing is relatively large. Some government departments have overemphasized security and confidentiality, and they have repeatedly built special networks at low levels, causing information islands and waste of resources. The integration of information resources in various government departments is not smooth, the institutional construction of information disclosure has just begun, and the overall level of information resources development and utilization is not high.

In order to solve the existing problems and realize the transition to a service-oriented government, the Nanning government’s informatization construction has adopted the H3C ITOIP integrated solution as a whole, and through their many years of experience in IT informatization, it has built an advanced, Mature and reliable IT system.

The Nanning government information system is the perfect integration of the three components of the H3C IToIP solution: IP adaptive security network, IP intelligent monitoring, and IP intelligent management center.

 Adaptive security network bearing information platform

The H3C adaptive security network is a business-oriented, dynamic security network model. It realizes flexible services based on deep service awareness by integrating various network component capabilities (terminals, network devices, security components, storage devices, business systems, management and control systems, etc.). Adjustments and strategies are deployed. These strategies mainly involve security, reliability, and business optimization. Through this dynamic network model, the IP adaptive network can provide security and reliability guarantees and service customization capabilities, effectively support office services at all levels of departments, and realize network resource and service-oriented architecture.

Through the H3C SecBlade firewall module, the switch's data forwarding and security service processing are organically integrated. This enables the switch to process security services according to the characteristics of the networking while implementing high-performance data forwarding, achieving security protection and monitoring, and effectively supporting the switch. External attack defense, intranet security, traffic monitoring, email filtering, web filtering, and application layer filtering ensure network security.

 Intelligent monitoring platform

The Nanning City Administrative Examination and Approval Hall needs to build a video surveillance system in order to enrich the means of electronic surveillance, standardize government approvals, and better serve the citizens.

H3C's intelligent monitoring solution This video surveillance system adopts digital video surveillance technology. The system includes front-end image information collection, monitoring network transmission system, digital video image management system, video image display system, image storage system and corresponding management control and application. software. The monitoring bearer network uses an IP switching network. Digital video image processing systems include IP video encoders, decoders, and IP surveillance system management servers. The network video storage system consists of IP SAN storage and corresponding control equipment. The entire system has the characteristics of simple operation and easy management, and fully meets the requirements for electronic monitoring of the approval hall.

 EAD provides network terminal access management

The IP Intelligent Management Center expands the breadth and depth of management, covering the management, storage, and calculation of IP networks, as well as in-depth management of IT resources and users. Among them, the role of the Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD) solution in the Qingdao government information system is particularly important.

The EAD solution starts from the perspective of controlling user terminals' secure access to the network, integrates network access control and terminal security products, and integrates security clients, security policy servers, network devices, and third-party software to access network users. The terminal enforces specific security policies and strictly controls the end-users' network usage behavior. It effectively enhances the user terminal's active defense capabilities and provides network managers with effective and easy-to-use management tools and tools.

to sum up

The completion of the construction of the e-government network infrastructure of the Information Building of Nanning City marks the integration of the government's informatization and the transformation of government functions by the Nanning Municipal Government. It promotes online joint approval, emergency command and management, departmental coordination, government information development and utilization, and government affairs. The application of information disclosure and public participation has improved the level of e-government decision-making services, emergency command, collaborative office and public service, and solved the problem of low utilization of information resources. In order to achieve digitalization of government affairs information, integration of government affairs procedures, and integration of examination and approval services, we have laid a good foundation for improving the level of government management and public services.

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